Friday, April 15, 2011

Few things Friday

Thank you so much for all the kind words about my Marathon dilemma,  they were all so very much appreciated!!     I have made a decision-  I am officially changed over to run the half marathon.   I know that I could do the marathon but it would not be pretty by any means and I would be wrecked for quite a while afterward.  Plus, I respect that 26.2 miles to much to go into it under-trained.    

I went out for a 3 mile run on Wednesday and it felt sooooo nice to be out in the absolutely gorgeous weather.  I was trying to slow down and take it easy;  oops that didn't happen. I ran the 3 miles in 26:45 (8:55 clip)    But my hip still hurts.  So under advisement from my brother (who has run 10 marathons) I am not going to run at all from now until race day.  This is going to be torture but I know that is the only way I am going to heal.      I am going to go out that day and just enjoy myself;  time is out the window .  Don't get me wrong, I would love to get a good time but I would much rather have a 'good time'.  There are so many of you running this race -  it is going to be fantastic!!   I figure it is Mothers Day-  what a nice gift to give myself-  heath and fitness!!!!! 

 So in the meantime, I am going to cross train and get my weight training routine back going again.   I have been kind of lax in that department lately,  just started adding the weights back in and wow, what a difference that makes.

Have a Fantastic Friday!!!! 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What to do??

So my new shoes came yesterday!!! You would of thought I was a kid getting a new toy, I was clapping when I saw the Fed Ex truck pull up.  The delivery guy said "You must really want what is in this box."    YES I DID!!!!     Wow, I put them on and oh man,  you forget how much cushion is in a new pair of shoes.  They felt sooooo good!!!

I went out for a run;  hoping and praying that it would be pain free.  New shoes and no running for a week should do that , right???  NO-  I ran 5 miles with slight pain. Nothing that cold stopped me but the pain is still there.  I was crushed and very disappointed.  I ran the 5 miles in 48:15. Overall it was a really nice run (despite the pain)   I noticed that if I tighten up my stride and concentrate on my arm swing (front to back vs side to side) things felt a little better.   But overall the pain is still there.  After sleeping last night the pain is really still there-   darn hip!!! 

So, what to do?????  Run the marathon, run the half marathon???  I really really really want to run the marathon.  But am I kidding myself.  I have run a full marathon without training for the last six weeks before ( marathon #1 due to a torn IT band), so I know that it can be done.  I really wanted to PR this time around .    So so frustrating.   Why is this decision so hard-  really this is just a running race. It isnt an exam or anything.    My brother asked me this
                         "How much does this race mean to you?" 
As he pointed out this wont be my last one,  but I dont want to injure myself anymore than I already am.   So I have been thinking about this for the last few days -- how much does this mean to me????   Then it dawned on me on why I am having such a hard time with this decision.

I am in a MOPS group (Mothers of Preschoolers) and within this group I started a Fitness Challenge.  Last year we ran  a half marathon.  This year there are 9 women that are running the Borgess Run for the Health of it events with me- 1 doing the full marathon, 3 doing the half marathon and 5 doing the 5K.     They have said that if it wasnt for me they would have never taken up running and believed that they could run so far.  Oh man!  What an honor!! I just get so emotional writing that. Then there is this-  the shirts that we are all running in.  We are all wearing matching shirts and they say on them   "Christa's Fitness Challenge" (and a bunch of other things).  That is why this race means so much to me-  9 women trusted in me, believed me enough to put my name on their shirt.  .   They are running with my name on their shirt.  Darn it,  why does my hip have to hurt! ?!?!?!?! 

So, I think I am just going to rest the hip- cross train, do a little running (maybe) and then go for the gusto on race day.  Full Marathon!! Worst thing that could happen is I DNF.  but I will know that I started it-  and hopefully I will finish it.