Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What to do??

So my new shoes came yesterday!!! You would of thought I was a kid getting a new toy, I was clapping when I saw the Fed Ex truck pull up.  The delivery guy said "You must really want what is in this box."    YES I DID!!!!     Wow, I put them on and oh man,  you forget how much cushion is in a new pair of shoes.  They felt sooooo good!!!

I went out for a run;  hoping and praying that it would be pain free.  New shoes and no running for a week should do that , right???  NO-  I ran 5 miles with slight pain. Nothing that cold stopped me but the pain is still there.  I was crushed and very disappointed.  I ran the 5 miles in 48:15. Overall it was a really nice run (despite the pain)   I noticed that if I tighten up my stride and concentrate on my arm swing (front to back vs side to side) things felt a little better.   But overall the pain is still there.  After sleeping last night the pain is really still there-   darn hip!!! 

So, what to do?????  Run the marathon, run the half marathon???  I really really really want to run the marathon.  But am I kidding myself.  I have run a full marathon without training for the last six weeks before ( marathon #1 due to a torn IT band), so I know that it can be done.  I really wanted to PR this time around .    So so frustrating.   Why is this decision so hard-  really this is just a running race. It isnt an exam or anything.    My brother asked me this
                         "How much does this race mean to you?" 
As he pointed out this wont be my last one,  but I dont want to injure myself anymore than I already am.   So I have been thinking about this for the last few days -- how much does this mean to me????   Then it dawned on me on why I am having such a hard time with this decision.

I am in a MOPS group (Mothers of Preschoolers) and within this group I started a Fitness Challenge.  Last year we ran  a half marathon.  This year there are 9 women that are running the Borgess Run for the Health of it events with me- 1 doing the full marathon, 3 doing the half marathon and 5 doing the 5K.     They have said that if it wasnt for me they would have never taken up running and believed that they could run so far.  Oh man!  What an honor!! I just get so emotional writing that. Then there is this-  the shirts that we are all running in.  We are all wearing matching shirts and they say on them   "Christa's Fitness Challenge" (and a bunch of other things).  That is why this race means so much to me-  9 women trusted in me, believed me enough to put my name on their shirt.  .   They are running with my name on their shirt.  Darn it,  why does my hip have to hurt! ?!?!?!?! 

So, I think I am just going to rest the hip- cross train, do a little running (maybe) and then go for the gusto on race day.  Full Marathon!! Worst thing that could happen is I DNF.  but I will know that I started it-  and hopefully I will finish it.


  1. that is an honour to be leading the group but one of the best things you can teach them in learning to run is to listen to your body and don't injure yourself. Rest your hip, keep training as best you can and make your decision the week of the race. Even if you have to walk/run for parts you'll be out there with them! I'll keep a look out for your shirts along the route and cheer you on for sure! My shirt will say Running for Emma - my niece w/ leukemia.

  2. Have you tried going to a sports therapist or even the podiatrist? There might be an easy fix out there, and the race is still a month away!

  3. Christa: I hope you don't ever feel pressure because of this challenge. You need to listen to your body and do what is best for you first. Personally, I will still feel honored to wear a shirt with your name on it regardless of if you can run this race or not. :) If you hadn't started this challenge- I wouldn't be running this race. Rest, take it easy and see if it will help that hip. I hope it does. We are behind you no matter what happens!


  4. Oh, that is hard! I would guess they will support you through anything! Just training is the hardest part!
    Like you said, you can do it with less training, and forgo the PB this time around, or rest if you have too.
    I am running a marathon in June, with the only expectation/hope is that I don't die at the end!!

  5. oh Christa - how FRUSTRATING. Especially after all we went through in Chicago last year.

    You have to KNOW that your MOPS group will support you. You KNOW you need to listen to your body. Have you had it looked at? Maybe PT can help you...

    Whatever you decide to do, we are all supporting you. That said, I hope the new shoes help tons and your hip just needs to get on the bandwagon...

  6. I am so sorry you have to deal with this injury. Why can't marathon training be easier?! Probably because then everyone would do it. That's what sets you apart Christa, the willingness to TRY. Even if you don't make it to the start (or finish line) you tried. THAT is what inspires the rest of us! Hoping this is not a major setback and you are out pounding the pavement again soon! Keep us posted.

  7. I am still dealing with my shin splint injury as well...ran the 5k in Knoxville, and was in horrible pain...I did finish. I am signed up for the 1/2 in K'zoo, but am thinking of skipping out as well...wondering if I can run the 5K. My husband says I should walk/run the 1/2. I'm in the same dilemma as you.