Friday, May 20, 2011

Fantastic Friday

Had my first day of physical therapy yesterday.     One of the nice things is my therapist is a runner too;  actually she was training for the same race as I ran BUT she got injured with only 2 weeks to go and was never able to complete the race.  I do love that they are runners there though because they know how badly I want to get back out running again.  They said hopefully by the end of next month I will able to get back out there. 

Not sure if you have ever been at a physical therapist before but the turn and stretch you in all directions to see where your strong points and weak points are.  Very interesting thing they found out yesterday.  The right side of my body is way stronger then the left of my body.  Guess which side of my body is injured-  LEFT.    I told them I am not sure why , when I do my workouts I do everything symmetrically.  She said she isn't sure why it is that way, but she knows how to fix it.  YIPPEE. 

I joked around because one of the 'tests' was having me walk on the treadmill, so that they could watch how I walk and all that jazz.  I told them that that was cruel because my body was so excited to be back on the treadmill and then I just had to walk for 5 minutes at a whole 2.5 mph. 


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hip Pain Solved

So, just got back from the doctor-   Greater Trochanter Bursitis and Hip Abductor Inflammation.   The good thing, nothing serious.  The bad thing no running for a while as the inflammation goes down.  Nothing a little rest and physical therapy wont heal.  Even though, I really want to run!!!!!!   So I think I will try to use my "rest" time wisely and strengthen my core. 

Monday, May 16, 2011

I am here!!!

So, wow- it has been about a month since my last post.  Bad bad blogger~~  The big question- WHAT HAPPENED DURING THE HALF MARATHON??   Well, lets just say I finished!!!  I went into the race with one expectation- finish (hopefully pain free).   I finsihed but not pain free, so I guess I really cant argue.
Here are my miles splits from the race:

9:32, 9:26, 9:43, 9:55, 9:34, 10:43, 11:27: 12:23, 15:04, 15:37, 15:37, 17:22, 15:13  overall finish 2:41   ( 36 minutes off my PR, blah)   Ironically though, not my worst half marathon time either. 

Can you tell when I started getting pain??   The first 5 miles were AWESOME!!!  I was totally pain free, I was starting to think- I could PR I am feeling great, the weather is awesome.  THEN  mile 6 came and I got a searing pain in my hip, kind of like a knife was stabbing me.  I knew that was the beggining of the end.  I really didnt want to wreck myself for future races, so I just began run/ walking the race.  Then as my thigh went numb I decided that I better walk more than run.   I pretty much walked the whole back half  of the course until I reached the 13 mile mark and then turned the burners on for the last .1 mile; which probably wasnt a good idea but I needed to have the picture of me running across the finish line.

So now I am waiting, I have a doctors appointment this week.  I figured it is time to go see them,  since I rested for 3 weeks and it still didnt go away something must be wrong. ARG!!!   I soooooooo soooooooo want to run.   I miss it so much!!!

Still working out but it is just not the same, keeping everything low impact. 

I now need to find another half marathon to redeem my time  (once my hip feels better).

On a great note-  all "my fitness challengers" finished with flying colors.  The ladies that ran the half marathon brought me to tears at the end of the race.  They all had spectacular runs !!  With the race being on Mothers Day, they had all told me before the race that they would have to run and then leave to attend functions that day.  So, to my surprise as I crossed the finish line they were all there.  They told me "We waited for you to cross the finish line, because you are what got us to cross the line".  I was in so much pain and so much joy at the same time.  These ladies will never know how much that meant to me!!! LOVE YOU!!!!     Also, the one lady that ran her first ever Marathon,  qualified for Boston-  Can you believe that?????  1st shot out and qualifies;  she had a hidden running talent. WAY TO GO HEATHER!!!   To the 5K runners,  you did amazing; giving it everything you had.   YOU LADIES ALL DID INCREDIBLE!!!!  

Have a Marvelous Monday!!  I will let you know how my appointment goes later this week.  Crazy crazy busy around here, coming into the end of the school year.