Friday, May 20, 2011

Fantastic Friday

Had my first day of physical therapy yesterday.     One of the nice things is my therapist is a runner too;  actually she was training for the same race as I ran BUT she got injured with only 2 weeks to go and was never able to complete the race.  I do love that they are runners there though because they know how badly I want to get back out running again.  They said hopefully by the end of next month I will able to get back out there. 

Not sure if you have ever been at a physical therapist before but the turn and stretch you in all directions to see where your strong points and weak points are.  Very interesting thing they found out yesterday.  The right side of my body is way stronger then the left of my body.  Guess which side of my body is injured-  LEFT.    I told them I am not sure why , when I do my workouts I do everything symmetrically.  She said she isn't sure why it is that way, but she knows how to fix it.  YIPPEE. 

I joked around because one of the 'tests' was having me walk on the treadmill, so that they could watch how I walk and all that jazz.  I told them that that was cruel because my body was so excited to be back on the treadmill and then I just had to walk for 5 minutes at a whole 2.5 mph. 


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  1. Walking on a treadmill slow? So boring! I'm glad she can get you all "balanced" though, so you are back in the running game!