Sunday, January 30, 2011

Super Sunny Sunday

It is sun-shining here-  I know to some this may seem like no big deal, but here it is absolutely amazing because normally it is permanently gloomy from now until the end of March.  That is what my husband and I have nick named this time of year "Permagloom".  So, this is a totally unexpected thing.  I don't know about you but the sunshine just gets me going. 

Got my long run in- yippee 9 miles!!  Wow, that felt nice!! I haven't ran that far in a long time.  I was actually dreading it;  until I got going.  The first few miles were kind of rough- but once I got in the grove I felt GREAT.  I finished and I still had energy left,  that is always a nice feeling.  I know that probably means that I need to run faster but I am training for a marathon, so trying to keep the pace at an even kilt.  9 miles in 85:42.  This week complete- all 4 runs for a total of 19 miles. 

This weekend I feel as though I have lived in the kitchen ( I do spend ALOT of time there).   I have just been baking / cooking away.  Here is what we had

Friday: Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwiches on left over Quinoa Bread and a HUGE bowl of apples.  I kid you not my kids ate all the apples before the sandwiches and asked for more. I said "Can you eat the sandwiches first?"    Keeping apples in this house is a major accomplishment-  I buy at  least 10lbs a week.  CRAZY     I also made a double batch of homemade bagels.  Still trying to perfect these,  but I figure they have to be better than the store bought kind.   I did mix them half and half- whole wheat flour and all purpose flour.   I froze half the batch right off

Saturday -  We made some Oatmeal Raisin cookies-  oh my they were so good!!   We just followed the recipe on the Oatmeal box with a few alterations.  Did you know that you can substitution 3/4 of the shortening for applesauce? We did that, with some homemade applesauce.  Also, you can substitute 1/4 of the sugar for dried milk,  did that too.  And of course I substitute half whole wheat flour and half all purpose flour.   For dinner we had Pizza ( our normal Saturday movie and pizza with kids)-  we make homemade pizza.  We make our own dough ;  I do mix half whole wheat and half all purpose flour and the other thing I do is add in 3 Tablespoons of Flax-seed. We used our own homemade pizza sauce , some cheese and pepperoni.  Normally I make a supreme pizza for my husband and I but didnt have all the ingredients for that.   I also made ( which I haven't in a long time) made some Garlic Bread sticks ( of course I mixed flour and added flax seed)

Sunday-  Today made a triple batch of waffles ( lots to be eaten throughout the week) .  Tonight for dinner we are having sloppy joe / with some sort of veggie.  But the best part of my sloppy joe is all it is this- 1.5 lbs of ground meat, tomato soup , pureed zucchini and spices.  

Have a Super Sunday!!!


  1. oh my I have been totally craving waffles now for the past week but haven't had any. mmmmmmm. maybe tomorrow for breakfast I'll indulge.

  2. Wow, you are cookin' MACHINE! I will have to try that oatmeal cookie you know, can you sub applesauce for the butter in cookie/bread recipes too? Great job on your 9 miles!