Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Two things Tuesday

1) First marathon training fail.  I didnt get my "long run" (5 miles) in this weekend.  I probably could have squeezed it in somewhere but I didnt.  Instead I enjoyed a nice relaxing fun weekend with my family, watching movies, making homemade food, sewing up crafts, shopping etc...   Why does missing a run mess with you so bad? I have missed runs before and I know it is ok.  I first started stressing about it and then I said "Nope-  Family, fun, flexible".  Family comes first- and it did.  I really enjoyed seeing the smiles on everyone's faces this weekend. 

2) Got a 3 mile run this morning. (27:41)   It felt nice. Nothing to fancy,  just me and the treadmill. Is it spring yet, because I am getting tired of the treadmill?  I know I could go outside but I just get cold thinking about it. 

Have a teriffic Tuesday!!! 


  1. I know what you mean when you say that missing a run messes with you. It really does! i always feel so guilty afterwards.

  2. Sorry you didn't get your long run in - I was supposed to do 4 miles last night and was just not feeling it - Good thing we always have tomorrow to do better!

  3. I didn't get the last 3 days runs in...I've been trying to heal from major shin splints...hope to run on Friday and then do 5 miles on Saturday. That's my goal.