Sunday, February 27, 2011

Super Sunday

First off, sorry I have not been blogging lately,  continual craziness around here.  It doesnt help when we had an ice storm ealier this week, which yielded to having the kids home for an extra 2 days and then mid winter break was Friday.  Makes for a crazy week when the kids are only in school for 2 days!!!

Proud to report that I got all my runs in this week ( all on the treadmill due to the yucky weather)  But 25.1 miles are in the books for the week.
3,6,3 and 13.1     
Yes, I ran 13.1 miles on the treadmill this afternoon.   I stuck in "Titanic" and went running. It was a really awesome run. So much better than last week.  This week and last weeks run took the same amount of time 2:05:01,  but this week I ran 1.1 miles farther. YIPPEE.   To bad for me I didn't run a real half marathon today because that is a PR for that distance by 1 minute. 

Sorry, so short but I still have a few things left to get organized before the night is over. Hope everyone's training is going well.   

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  1. Good job!! The treadmill sucks but gets the job done.