Monday, March 7, 2011

Motivation Monday

Wow- I have motivation today but I feel as though I need more.  Last week was not a good one for the runs.  I had my oldest home from school for an extra 2 days due to sickness and then today I have my 5yr old home due to sickness.  I pushed my runs back a day and then we ended up going out of town for the weekend; hence all runs were not completed.  I am stressed but at the same time I am not- weird ??    I really want to get in an 'extra ' run today, but we will see if I can pull that off.

The weather is so nice outside today-  I am really hoping that spring is around the corner.  The weather has to stay nice or at least nice on the weekends so that I can get my long run outdoors.  The treadmill is getting quite boring for long distance. 

Even though the spring marathon season isnt even upon us yet, everyone is already signing up the Fall races-  I have made a decision.  No marathon for me in the fall!!  Well that isnt exactly true, I am just not running it on my own.  This fall I am going to participate in a Marathon relay,  not sure which one yet- either Grand Rapids or Detroit.  But I am so excited,  I think this will be so much fun!!!!


  1. A marathon relay sounds fun

  2. I think doing a marathon relay would be a ton of fun.

  3. Hey just stumbled upon your blog off the kalamazoo marathon site - I'm running the half. I have done the Detroit many times and would highly recommend. If you do it, choose the first leg as going over the bridge is great or take the leg around belle isle - running through the tunnel was my least favourite part!! Looking forward to reading your blog - good luck!