Friday, September 24, 2010

ALO Product Review and Giveaway

I had the opportunity to test some new clothing.  ALO (Air.Land. Ocean) graciously sent me a sports bra and a pair of running shorts.

Per ALO’s website:  Our team has created a collection of performance clothing named for the elements that we live within : Air, Land and Ocean.  Each carefully designed piece was created to perform with you while promoting a life style and well being.     Through the use of recycled and minimal impact materials, ALO creates high performance active wear that delivers superb function, fit and style.  With environmentally mindful design and production processes, our men's and women's collections utilize eco-friendly performance fabrics that provide outstanding comfort and results.  
ALO’ s Vision statement is : Produce high quality lifestyle wear through processes that mitigate our carbon footprint by utilizing reclaimed and recycled materials, maintain a sustainable office environment and most impact fully pass this knowledge along to our customers so they can make easy green decisions.  Any act of “ Green- ness” is helpful to our planet.      To see how ALO is making the world a ‘greener place’ check out their Define your Green Page

If you want to see an incredible video watch the ALO 2010 Fall Holiday Photo shoot here.  

I will use my same criteria for this review as I have done in the past
1) Fit according to size
2) Material
3) Chafing/ Rubbing Issues
4) Clothing riding up or falling down
5) Ability to get off of body after strenuous workout
6) Price Comparability
7) Accessory Capable
8) Compared to ‘favorite item of mine’

I had the opportunity to try out their High Impact Color Block  Workout Bra and a pair of Running Shorts

1) Fit according to size -  I ordered a size Medium, according to their size chart, for both the top and bottom.  The top fit perfect.  The shorts seemed a little baggy, but I think it may be the style, ‘Relaxed’.  Overall they fit great, you will see later it doesn't effect performance.  If you prefer a loose style this would be a good choice.  

2) Material -  The Color Block Workout  Bra is made of  92% Polyester 8% Spandex.  The shorts have Shell 1 which is 100% polyester and then the liner which is 96% polyester and 5% Spandex.  Not sure what it is about these materials, but both of these items have to be lined dried ( which most of the gear does not). 

3) Chafing/ Rubbing Issues-  Happy to report that I had absolutely no issues with either of these products in this area.  I put 35 miles on them both, with most of that being in a 20 mile run.  No chafing/ rubbing at all!!   A strange thing did happen on my first test run in these shorts.  The black color of the shorts actually rubbed off onto my skin. Then again they bled onto my other running gear when I tossed it in the laundry.    I should have known better than to throw a brand new pair of black shorts in with other clothes.   It didn't cross my mind, since none of my other running gear has ever had that problem.  The die that bled on my skin came off easily in the shower.   I soaked the rest of my gear for couple days and rewashed; all the die was gone there too.   I told ALO about this issue and they said ‘ That is definitely not the norm and I hope it wasn't to much of an inconvenience’.  Ever since that one incident this has not been a problem. 

4) Clothing riding up or falling down- Really no issues in this department either.  The shorts rode up just a teeny tiny bit on the 20 mile run, but that wasn't until about mile 18.   Even then it was very negligible.    That may not of even been the shorts, it could of just been me sweating .  

5) Ability to get off of body after a strenuous workout-  Both of these items I could get off very easily, even after a 20 miler.  

6) Price Comparable-   The Color Block Workout Bra retails for $36 and the Running Shorts for $38 .  By checking other stores I frequent for running gear, the ALO bra is very comparable.   Checking out Road Runner Sports (where most of my running shorts are from),  ALO is a little more expensive. With that being said, I like the comfort of these shorts more than most of my other shorts.  In my opinion worth the few extra dollars.

7) Accessory Capable- The bra has nothing ( which most bras dont).  The shorts do offer a key pocket that lays between the liner and you ( where most of my shorts have the key pocket).    I don't use the key pockets for keys that is where I hold my MP3 player.  One gear pocket is the minimum I will accept in a pair of shorts.

8) Compared to ‘favorite item of mine’ -  ALO , is the on the top of my list for sports bras right now.  You are the first company that I found that does not chafe under the bra line. Number 1 in my book.  Plus, you are the first ‘color’ workout bra that I have owned,  a very nice thing for variety.  Very nice bra,  it could be worn on its own for a workout, but I am just not that kind of girl.  The shorts are very comfortable,  I would put them right up near the top too.  I would of like to see a gear pocket, in addition to the key pocket.  Moving the key pocket between the liner and shorts would be even better.  Besides that, great shorts.  I would rank them around 2 or 3 out of the 6 pair I own.

Overall great products,  the only downside for me is that the items have to be lined dried. This really is not a big deal considering they are wicking material and they dry real fast.  With 4 kids in my house time is of a virtue.   A big thanks to the ALO team for giving me this opportunity to review your gear.  Head on over to ALO to get some new workout gear.   While you are there input the discount code of " Bloglove2010"  for some savings on your order.

**  Disclaimer:   I was not paid to do this review, this is just my opinion. **

Give A Way-  Here is the part where you get to have fun.  ALO has so kindly offered to give a way, to one of my lucky readers, the same Color Block Bra  ( AWESOME).  

There are many ways to enter the give-way ( do each entry separately)
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This giveaway ends October 1st at 6pm EST.  Winner will be chosen using  Only open to US residents.  

Thank you!!!


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