Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wonder Wednesday

Why is it that even though I already have my run done for the day, if I see people out running I want to run?  While I was out doing errands today I saw 4 different people, in 4 different places running.   Why does that pump me up so much??  One of them even had a Dances with Dirt Technical shirt on,  I think I just put that on my bucket list.  Sounds like blast.  Any takers for a relay team? 

Managed my big whopping 3 mile run this morning.  1st mile I was really dragging but after that I was pumped by the music.  Now the show that was playing on my little TV screen was bit to be desired.  The TV on the treadmill is linked to the TV in our bedroom ( for whatever reason), so whatever channel that is on is what I have to watch.  Well, my husband must of fallen asleep watching PBS (which is good and all) but do you know what is playing at 6a on PBS "Between the Lions",  a cartoon.  Thank goodness it was only a 3 mile run,  or else I would of had to get of the treadmill run upstairs and change the channel. Good thing the local radio station was playing some pumping music at that time ( through my ear buds). 

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Have a "Wonder full" Wednesday!!!


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  1. Good job getting your 3 miler done! That's up for me tomorrow.

    As for my post, I have thought about negative splits, but then, I might have to use some math skills to figure out where I need to be. Considering I don't have much skills and only 10 fingers and toes, I don't see it happening...