Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Taper Tuesday

This week starts the taper time, gearing up for the Chicago Marathon next weekend.  What?!? It is next weekend already???  Wow, this training time has just flown by.

Tapering is kind of weird.  You work so hard week in and week out, gradually increasing mileage, making our long runs longer.  Now I feel like we are just sitting still.    I have 20 miles of training left, over the next 2 weeks.  No double digit runs, weird.    Tomorrow I have 3 mile run,  I haven't run that distance by itself in a loooong time.    Sadly though, I think it is going to be hard.  What I have learned for myself, is that it takes a while for my body to get into gear, usually about 3 miles.  So this should be interesting.    How about you?  Does it take awhile to get into the groove?  

Also, as part of Marathon vibes, I joined into Running Divas 10/10/10 Virtual 10K.  I figure the last 10K (of my marathon on 10/10/10)  I will need as much motivation/ inspiration that I can get.  Best of luck to everyone in there 10K

Dont forget to enter my giveaway for an ALO bra.   it ends on Friday.


  1. When I was tapering my husband tried to convince me to make a few of the runs 3 miles. I told him I'm not lacing up for anything less than 4. I need at least one mile of in the groove.

  2. How exciting as you gear up for your marathon! I won't be running one on 10/10, but I'll be in Portland cheering on many friends as they race towards their goals! As far as getting into the groove, usually takes me a mile then I'm good to go!