Monday, November 8, 2010

Marvelous Monday part 2

So I did- I got my run in!!!!!!!!!!!! Why I thought it would be easier to do with all 4 kids home vs just 1 kid home, I do not know; but I got it done  3 miles in 28:40.    Not the fastest-  but I ran!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, who would of have known that running would help pop my ear.  It isn't all the way popped but almost...  it was popping while I ran, craziness!!! .    Man, how I missed running, even if it was on the treadmill.  I got on the treadmill, got it up to speed and let loose.  Wow, it was like I was sinking into a nice hot bath,  it felt so good.  

Until tomorrow.  


  1. YAY!!! SO happy to hear it went well! (sometimes for me 4 kids IS easier than one - my bigger 2 can help keep an eye on things for least as long as everyone's getting along...)

  2. Great news! glad to know you're back on the road. =)

  3. I hear what Bobbi is saying, sometimes I need the big kids to occupy the little kids. My problem on the treadmill with everybody is that my #3 is a talker, I swear he just likes to hear his own voice so by mile 5 or 6 I am ready to scream:) glad you got your run in. I am hitting my TM today.

  4. Yea!!! Good job at getting your run in!