Monday, November 15, 2010

Running Skirts Review

The wonderful people at Running Skirt let me try out some of their gear.  I originally thought that I was just trying out a skirt, but was pleasantly surprised when an entire outfit arrived: skirt, shirt and bra.  Wow!!   

I had the great opportunity to try out an Ultra Swift Skirt (hot pink), Strappy Sports Bra (Polka Dot) and a Performance Mesh Tank (Black). 

1) Fit According to Size-   The skirt I was on the fence on what size to order, so I left it up to Running in pants/shorts/etc.. I wear a 6 but was very hesitant to order the skirt because it was a 4-6 (size 2 according to there sizes) and I was afraid it would be to small.  They sent me a size 3.  Since this is my first skirt I am not exactly sure how it is supposed to feel.  But it fits perfect around the hips but is a little loose in the waist.    In both the Strappy Sports Bra and Performance Mesh Tank I received a Medium and they fit accordingly. 

2) Material - All 3 of these items are made of 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex.  They all need to be washed in cold water and line dried.  The bra has extra inserts inside the cup area, not sure of the material of those.

3 )Chafing-  The shirt and the bras  have  no issues in this department.  The skirt, I have noticed in fairly low mileage runs (anything less than 5) I am fine, but as soon as I cross over the 5 mile mark I start to get rubbing /chaffing in the insides of my thighs.  Now, with that being said I don’t know if it is the skirt or just skirts in general as this is the first skirt that I have ever tried.

4) Clothing Riding up or falling down - Again, the shirt and bra I have no issue . The skirt I kept thinking was falling down (even though it really wasn’t it). Since it is tighter around the hips and looser around the waist as I would run it would give me the sensation that it was falling down. But after I got used to that, it felt fine. 

5) Ability to get off after strenuous workout - Absolutely no problems in this area

6) Price Comparability-   The Strappy Sports Bra retails for $29; compared to other competitive running stores Running seems to be on the cheaper end.  That is incredible as it is such a cute sports bra.    The Performance Mesh Tank retails for $34, which is very comparable to other stores that sell the same type of product.   The Running skirts retails for $48;  I had to look around at other stores for running skirts as this is my first running skirt.  By looking around I can tell the price is very comparable to other brands with similar products. 

 7) Accessory Capable-  The bra nor the shirt have any accessory capabilities. The skirt, ahh had 3 gear pockets, one on each side of your hips and one in the back of the skirt. Since I didn’t wear the skirt much over 5 miles I didn’t have to test out much of the pockets but LOVE idea of gear pockets.   The skirt does not have any key pockets. 

8) Compared to favorite item of mine-   Well for the skirt, I have nothing to compare to. But I will say it fits nice and is comfortable, just not for anything over 5 miles (at least on me).   The shirt I would rank up near the top, it too is my only true tank shirt (I have razor back shirts but this is the only tank shirt).  The bra is really nice, another one that could probably be worn itself (still not that kind of girl).  I would bump the bra up to the number 2nd spot out of the six that I have. 

Overall very satisfied with all these products.  The only downfall is in the fact that I have to line dry all the items.  Also, as I mentioned the bra has extra inserts, every time I wash the bra the inserts flip in half, so I have to reach in between the seams and flip them back over.    But that is minor issue.   

Just wanted to thank Running, for giving me this fantastic opportunity.   

Disclaimer : I was not paid to review these items, this is just my opinion. 


  1. i think that you need to go down in the skirt size. I am typically a 6-8 and I had to start buying the size 2. I also wear my skirts for all of my long runs etc...but i am a glide girl anyway so I just lube up my legs. Glad you liked the skirt. They are pretty much all that I wear.

  2. Thanks for the review. They have some really cute patterns. I do think skirts tend to slide down more so than shorts, fwiw.

  3. Loved reading the review! I'm starting to research skirts and this in on my list, just wish I could try one on before I buy! And, do you have any pictures??