Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wonder Wednesday??

The wonder is- Where have I been??  It is Wednesday, last post Friday.   Well, I have been no where, except still not feeling well.  BLAH BLAH BLAH.   No running-  this is driving me nuts.

The doctor said the infection is all gone but now my  Eustachian tubes are plugged.  Basically, it feels like I am either stuck up in an airplane or under water and cant get my ears to pop.  The plugged ears are making my head congested still, which is causing me to not be to smell.  So very frustrating.  

I am not asking very much, I just want to be able to hear properly, smell properly and RUN!!  Now no one is telling me I cant run.  But my head hurts and I am just so dang tired ( the medicine that they have me on makes me tired, well any medicine makes me tired).     I feel like a slob.  Maybe I should just push through the pain and run,  will it make me feel better????   At least the blessing is that I am in between training schedules. 

I promise I will be posting more soon-  hopefully about all the fantastic miles that I will be clearing!! 


  1. ugh! how miserable for you :(

    maybe try a mile or 2? sometimes when I'm congested, running clears me up. you have way more than normal congestion going on though, so I don't know...

    (got my nuun today - thank you!!)

  2. Hope you feel better soon...totally frustrating when you can't run...I wouldn't push it....your body is telling you to slow down right bobbi said a mile or two??

  3. So hoping you feel better soon!!

  4. Your body really needs this time to recover - try to not feel too discouraged about not running. You'll be back at it soon enough and this cold will finally be behind you!