Sunday, November 7, 2010

Several Things Sunday

 So I thought since I have been MIA for the last few days I would start the week off with a bit of catch up.

1)  Well, the cold seems to be going away- YIPPEE. My ear is still plugged but not as bad as it was before, so I am thinking that some day soon ( I can cross my fingers) that it will be totally unplugged and I will finally be able to hear and smell correctly

2) No running at all this week.  Holy Moly cant really remember the last time that I could say that.  I did do a little cross training this week, started back up with a small ab routine.  Also, hopefully it counts but I have been raking and raking our yard.  I love having trees but this time of the year really sucks.  I have been taking advantage of the  nice weather we are having and raked the leaves out to the street ( we have leaf pickup every few weeks).  So I raked for 2 hours today and then mowed the lawn for the last time-  does that count as a fitness workout?  I am going back to the running tomorrow-  so excited!!!!!

3)  I can not believe but I actually won a give away this week.  How much fun!!!  Not only did I win one, I won a Allied Steel Medal Hangar, SWEET from Chasing Atlanta.  The one that I won says "Believe"-   that is so appropriate.  I tell so many people "You can run a 5K, Half Marathon, Full Marathon ( of whatever they have in mind),  all you have to do is Believe."   Cant wait to get it and hang my medals up!!!

4)  Well, Courtneys 100 day Challenge is slowly coming to an end (at the beginning of December), wow cant believe that is so close already.    I had 4 goals
  • Complete the Chicago Marathon in a time of 4:48 (or less) - FAILED ( well I finished, but not in my goal time, so I guess I will give my self a pass but need to run another one to redeem myself)
  •  Run 1000 miles this year.  I don't know; this one is going to be hard as I have been sick for the last few weeks .  I will try my hardest to see how close I can get
  •  Get as many people interested in fitness/running  as possible.   This one I think I am succeeding in and LOVE it. 
  •  PR at the Park 2 Park Half Marathon-  PASSED way above my goal time
But now with this fun event coming to an end (soon) I have joined and new challenge, the 2 will overlap for a week or so. This one is called the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge -  over at Run To the Finish    The goal of this one is to keep us motivated over the holidays-  oh man this should be interesting.  I do not need the holiday food yielding me a weight gain, I have worked way to hard .    Go on over and join in the fun!!!!

5)   Weird thing going on-  Halloween was a week ago and there is TONS ( 4 kids worth) of candy in my house.  Normally, oh  I would be stealing my kids candy. But I have absolutely no craving for any of it.  I have had 1 piece of candy and that is it.  Not sure why-  but I guess that is good thing. 

6)  Last but definitely not least.  This was a sad week for me, as my great friend B   (whom I did all my Chicago Training with)  moved away.    Her husband got a job in his dream state, Colorado.    So many tears were shed this week as she moved 1130 miles away ( but no one is counting).  I will surely miss her.  I have to say, she was one loved lady in this town;  she had a Goodbye dinner where over 30 women showed up. How awesome is that!!!!!    I am very happy for her family as they begin a new chapter in their journey of life.    Some day though, I hope we meet on the road, lace up our shoes and go for a run together again. 

Have a wonderful weekend and I will catch up with you tomorrow. 


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  1. SO glad you're starting to feel better!! So glad!! Congrats on the win and oh, yes, it is so hard when good friends move!