Friday, March 11, 2011

Few things Friday

Wow- its Friday already!!!!!!! Yippee.    My 5 year old managed to pull a clean sweep this week and miss the whole week of school.  Remember how I said he was taking a really long nap on Wednesday, well  that would be an ear infection rearing its ugly head.  No wonder the fever never went away.  Today, finally he is showing signs of feeling better.

Despite have a sick child home all week I did manage to get in my mid week runs- 3,7,4.  All on the treadmill but hey that is better than nothing.  Looks like I might be able to head outdoors this weekend for the 15 miler- YIPPEE!!! (crossing my fingers the weather doesn't change.)  The weather man just said- if all goes well we could see 60 by next weekend. Spring!!!!! 

Weird thing happening this week.  Each day that I ran, about an hour before I would be planning on running, by legs would get really antsy. It was like that knew I was going to run.  I dont know it was just a strange feeling.  Once I ran it went away. 

Have a fabulous Friday!!


  1. It's supposed to reach 60 this weekend here! I can't wait! I wish it would stay forever...but I know there is more snow in the future. :( Dang Spring! Awesome on getting your runs done!

  2. I sometimes get that before a run and then it disappears as soon as I start going. Hope your 15 goes awesome this weekend.