Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Run done

I got in a 7 mile run today-  me and the treadmill meet yet again.  This is starting to get really old.  The weather here is up and down- today it has rained all day long.  Spring is right around the corner, right???  Just under 2 months until Marathon #3 

So I ran on Monday, I was going to count that as an extra run but due to having sick children , I think I will just count that run.  So 2 runs down for the week, 2 to go-  15 miler lined up for the weekend.  Please please be nice, as 15 miles on the treadmill would be a long ways.  Better prepare and look for a new movie to watch.  

My 5 yr old is still sick.  Poor little guy, he has had a fever for 4 days now.  We just keep chasing it- a round of ibuprofen and then a round of Tylenol.   He has been sleeping for a long time, taking a 3 hour nap. Is is this a good thing or a bad thing?? I will find out soon. 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday!!!!! 

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