Sunday, March 27, 2011

12 miler complete!!!!

I am so excited-  I took the run outdoors.  It was mighty cold , a whole 17 when I left the house.  BUT it was SUNNY out, so that made it bearable.  I took it nice and easy. I ran / walked the whole thing.  My hip still hurt but I am deteremined to do this marathon.    My goal for this run was to finish in 2:00-  that would be a 10 min avg.  Here are my splits  
Mile 1  8:54 ( holy fast)
Mile 2  9:41
Mile 3 9:40
Mile 4 9:52
Mile 5 10:12
Mile 6 9:49
Mile 7 9:54
Mile 8  10:16
Mile 9  9:54
Mile 10 10:18
Mile 11 10:28
Mile 12 9:41

So overall, not my fastest splits; but I was trying to take it easy on my hip.  Overall finsihing time
No argument!!!!  Avg pace 9:53

Have a super Sunday!!!


  1. Good job! I would crawled back in bed at 17 degrees!

  2. great job! something about the sun - I did a 11:21min/mile today for my 8 miler which for me is great!! hopefully the sun keeps shining!

  3. Not bad at all! Great pace and under extreme weather conditions too! (fine, I am a wimp with cold)