Friday, October 22, 2010

Fantastic Friday

That is what I tell my kids every Friday as they get on the bus "Have a Fantastic Friday".    (I have a litte phrase for each day)

This not really a post about me but about my kids.  For the past few years they have had Mileage Club at their school .  Mileage Club was done during recess, the kids would run the track and get a stick/ bracelet/ whatever every time they came around to keep track of how far they ran.   For every 5 miles they ran they would get a shoe tag that they could lace into there shoes laces  and then at the end of the year they would get a 'Shoe Award" showing them the exact mileage that they ran during the school year.   How awesome is that!!!

Unfortunately, this year, due to lack of parent involvement they are not having the Mileage Club.  My girls are really bummed.  I told them "Just because you aren't having it at school,  it  doesn't mean we cant do it ourselves".  So we started our own Mileage club this past Wednesday.  My 9 year asked "Do you think I an run a marathon before the school year is out, if you add up all my miles?"  I told her I think you can do it and probably way more".  She is so excited!!!!  So far in the last 2 days she has ran 2.5 miles (  umm it is October, school doesn't get out until June, the rate she is going she could have an Ultra in her future).       We are charting the mileage on the wall.  

I am sure that all of my kids will be racking up the miles as the year goes on-  I will keep you  updated. 
My girls are 9 and 7 and my boys are 4 and 3.    I cant wait to see how many miles we can all clear between now and the first week in June!!!  I may have to add a few miles for myself  today. 

Have a Fantastic Friday!!!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm excited your running kalamazoo...I really wanted to run Holland this year, but it didn't work out for me! My email address is me because sometimes we go to the kalhaven trail to do training runs and maybe you can meet us?!?

  2. what a cute idea! I wonder if I can get my kids on that bandwagon! I'll let you know what they say, and if we're in, I'll let you know! My oldest started training again this week for a 5K & 10K (Dec & Jan), so we even have a few miles in for Oct!

  3. Love this. My daughter has a mileage club at her school she's already up to 35 miles this school year. We'd love to join in!