Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I just couldn't take it anymore!!!!!!  REST REST REST,  a week of rest. 

I got my 4 year old on the bus, then quickly went and dropped something off at the library.   During my quick drive to the library I saw people running.  AHHHHH They had perfect form.  They looked like they were just flowing down the road.   I decided no more rest.  I know I have a cold, I know I just ran Chicago 1.5 weeks ago. But I cant take it.   I looked in my rear view mirror and my 3 year old son was asleep in his car seat.  WHAT , can I get a run in this afternoon?? I ever so gently picked him up out of his car seat and laid him down in his bed.  (he didn't even move).     I then changed clothes ( I don't think I have ever changed into my running clothes so fast).

OH,  it was like I met a long lost friend.  Me and the treadmill  meet again.  It was weird at first having no specified  mileage to run,   so I just ran.  Started off slow and then at the end of my 3 mile journey cranked her up.    I didn't realize until I got off the treadmill how badly I needed that run!!!!  It felt so nice.

I am officially signed up for the Kalamazoo Marathon.  Let the countdown begin.

I wanted to share a sign someone said they saw during their  Marathon (right around the 20 mile mark)-  I am defiantly going to have to remember this one -  In every WALL there is a window-  Open it!!!  
How awesome is that.  Open the window , don't hit the wall!!  LOVE IT

Hope everyone has a great day.
** I originally posted this message yesterday and called it Wonderful Wednesday,  as I was laying in bed last night it dawned on me, wait a minute it isnt Wednesday, it is Thursday.  Maybe it is the lack of running**


  1. Awesome quote! I do the same thing when Asher (if, i should say!) takes a nap! The Kalamazoo marathon sounds great. Do you think it will be a small one?

  2. I think it will be fairly small, it the towns first one ever. They have hosted a half marathon for 30years, which avg. around 1,200 people. They are hoping to keep that number for the half and have about 500 for the full. But they said they already have 100 people signed up and it is only October. It will be vastly different from running Chicago (spectator wise) but it is also my stomping grounds . Should be fun!!