Monday, October 25, 2010

Mileage Monday

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On Friday, I talked about my kids Mileage Club that we are doing.  This weekend we had a big family discussion about it.  Myself, my husband and all the kids decided that we want to have a Virtual Mileage Club. 
We want all the kids up and moving!!!  This is for my kids, your kids, all of our kids.

We will have Mileage Mondays-  on Mondays send me the total miles that your children accumulated (walking and/or running) during the past week.   I will keep an "running tab" on all of our kids miles.  This Club will run from now until June 3rd ( my kids last day of school).  After that, I will total the miles and send your child their "Shoe Award".   To make it a little more exciting, we thought we would put a little competition into it.  We will have a WINNER in each age bracket , for the child who completed the most miles during the 2010-2011 school year.   The winner will be sent a prize ( still yet to be determined)

Age Brackets  1-2 , 3-5,  6-8,  9-11, 12-14 ,15-18   (age at the end of the school year)

Send me your kids name (or at least what you want me to refer to them as) and their age. 

I know that the weather is going to start turning for most of us, but hopefully this will keeps us all motivated to get ourselves and our kids moving.

Tell you friends and join in the fun and become a member of our Virtual Mileage Club

Any questions or comments please feel free to contact me.


  1. Great idea, especially considering you live in Michigain and we live in Minnesota! now, how to tally up these walking you go on walks with the kids?

  2. Either way- my older kids have a track at school so they have been walking/running it during recess. But we will also go for walks/runs in the neighborhood ( those I or my husband will do with them), as they are not old enough to roam by themselves.

    I went on to see how far a 1/2 mile was from our house, so at least we know out and back is a mile.

    I hope others get involved- my kids are VERY excited to have a mileage club with other kids.

    I dont have many followers but I would love to get as many kids/parents involved any other suggestions, are you willing to mention it on your blog??

  3. Very Cool idea!! I am going to talk to lil' woman tomorrow and see if she is interested :)