Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New training??

Now that the Chicago Marathon is over,  I must move on.  I must move on the to the next race and a new training schedule.   The Kalamazoo Marathon May 8th (hoping for 55 and cloudy), I can dream right.   Most training schedules are about 18 weeks long,  so that puts the start of my training around New Years Day.  What a great way to start of the new year!?!?  New year, new plan, new marathon.  That's right,  this is Kalamazoo's 1st Marathon,  how fun is that.  Kalamazoo( the town right next to where I live), is hosting its first marathon. They have had half marathons for 30 years but this is the first full,  with both a half marathon and 5K that day.   I also just read that Erika over at Chasing my Monkeys 1 mile at a time,  is running this marathon too,  maybe we can have a bloggy meet up!!! 

For my last 2 marathons I have used Hal Higdons Novice Supreme schedule (30 weeks long),  this year I am just looking for a 18 week program.  Now Hal Higdons programs are great,  they have taken me through 4 half marathons and like I said 2 full marathons!!.   But I am feeling like I need more or something different.  Do I just up to Hal Higdons Intermediate program   or do I do a different training program all together?   I am reaching out to you,  any advice would be greatly appreciated.    I dont have any more time than I had with the other training programs but I feel as though I need more,  I dont know what it is that I need-  longer runs, less runs, more runs, etc.....

Between now and the start of the training I have a couple goals
   1)  Complete my 1000 mile trek for 2010, if I did the math right I need to avg about 24 mile per week for this to happen.  (we will see?!?!)
   2)  Work alot on my core strength and upper body.  I figure my legs can take care of themselves with running  but the rest of me can get stronger.  
  3)  Include some speed training.  Now with the weather starting to get cold and the chance of snow really any day ( no did I just say that, ahhhh), most of my winter runs will be inside.  So this will be done on a treadmill.  Any plans that anyone follows for this would be great too?

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday.  My body I think is finally revolting and attacking me full on with this cold that I held at bay during the end of the marathon training.  It is like is it saying 'Ha you are done running, you took a break, you aren't running this out of you anymore'.  I really hate when Mommy is sick, because their is no rest for her!!!!!


  1. I recommend the FIRST training program. They are the Furman Institute of Running and the program is running mixed with cross training with a lot of pace work. Here is a link to the plan: http://www.furman.edu/first/Marathon%20Training%20Program-metric.pdf

    They have a book called, Run Less, Run Faster (http://www.amazon.com/dp/159486649X?tag=furminstofrun-20&camp=14573&creative=327641&linkCode=as1&creativeASIN=159486649X&adid=1N48S362ZZCPGX3GVZWN&)

    and also a website: http://www.furman.edu/first/fmtp.htm

    If you are interested in getting a better time, this is way to go.

  2. The Kalamazoo marathon sounds awesome! May is perfect. I am hoping to run a April/May one as well, so I will be training at the same time! now, i also read the Chicago recap, and awesome! I was thinking of all of you on that HOT day! I wondered how it went with the weather so warm. Good for you!