Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thoughtless Thursday

So, I did get my "run on yesterday", a quick 3 mile run.  It felt ssooooo  nice!!!
Today no running going on, nor any thoughts, as my head cold/sinus infection went into my ear.  My ear drum popped last night, so today I am in quite a bit of pain.   ARG!!!!!!!

 I want to get better,  I want to run (but not with ear pain)!!!!

Hope you can have a Thankful Thursday.  One more day to enter my Nuun giveaway. 


  1. Ouch! Praying you feel better soon!

  2. Feel better soon! I am your newest follower from one of the Blog hops.saw a comment where you wanted to increase the size of your following....So, here I am!

  3. oh dear, we almost have the same post for today. hope we both get well soon! hugs!

  4. Rest up and get better :) The road/treadmill isn't going anywhere. Isn't it amazing how our bodies let us know when to slow down.. and if we don't listen, they get louder?

  5. Yuck! that sounds so nasty! I hope you feel better soon!