Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

  My mind is just a flutter in anticipation for Sunday.  Today was my last run, 2 miles,  it seemed really wierd to just go run 2 miles .  That was it, marathon training (for this marathon that is) is over-  479.8 miles.  Is that enough?  I think so!!!  I know that lots of people run many more miles than that but I followed the training program.  I am ready!!! 

You know what I love, is seeing other people running while driving through town.  What I love even more is when my kids spot them.  Yesterday I was out doing errands and my 4 yr old son just yells out ' Mom, mom there's is runner'.   How cool is that?!

Lots of people have posted their goals for their marathons. I am some what heistate, why I am not sure , but here it goes. 

1) 4:48  I announced way back when this training started,  that is 11 min/ mile.  But I have not ran that speed all training.  Funny how you set your  intial goals and then you get faster throughout. 

2)  4:34  This is the pace that I kept for my 20 mile run ( but we took our dilly dally time through all our water stations), so I am thinking I have faster in me

3) 4:30 This is holding a 10:18  min /mile.  (This is the pace group that I am starting with, basically my starting spot amongst 45,000 runners)  I would be super happy!! 

4) 4:22 This is holding a 10 min/ mile ( I would be ecstatic!!! )

5)  anything faster than that I would be flipping over jumping for joy.

Last year I ran this marathon, coming off of an IT band injury.  No running for the 6 weeks prior to the race.   Not fulfilling all the training,  yet I still finished in the allotted time 6:05.  Not the prettiest time by any means but I finished, and that was all my goal was.    This year though, I am going out for vengeance,  I want to give it all I have. 


  1. I see sub 4:30 in your future Christa...if not this round, soon (but I won't be even a LITTLE surprised if you do it on Sunday).

    I think I'm going to start with the 5:30 run/walk group. It's going to feel really slow, but I'm so often guilty of blowing up too soon. This round, I just want to finish :)

  2. You got this g/f! Your training has been spot on this year, and given your last few 'training' races (hehe, there's a contradiction!), you're gonna sub 4:30! Regardless of time, your accomplishment is AMAZING and I'm inspired by you daily! 10-10-10 - Christa's Date with Motivation!

  3. You're ready and going to do awesome!

    Whether I'm running myself or driving I love seeing other runners.

  4. Hi there - I just saw that you were running the marathon through the 100 Day Challenge link. Way to go! I hope you have an awesome race. In the meantime, I have a lot of reading to do on your blog....I'm new to running! :)