Tuesday, August 24, 2010

100 day challenge

As I was talking about goals yesterday , I thought how appropriate was this.  Courtney, over at 'Run Court Run' is having a 100 day challenge.  It is more of a personal challenge- 'what would you like to accomplish within 100 days' (starting yesterday).  So I figured- join up,  we can all use extra motivation/ inspiration to achieve our goals.  I will defiantly need the motivation after the marathon, to keep going.  I know I mentioned these goals yesterday but this is exactly what I shared with Courtney and the others that are taking on the challenge.

1)  Set my new PR at the Park2Park half marathon, 
2) Finish Chicago Marathon in 4:48 (or faster),
3) Complete 1000 miles of running by Dec 31st, 
4) Get others interested in running/ fitness/ health

Please keep me accountable for these.!!!  Thanks Courtney for starting the challenge. 

Have a wonderful day!!!!   


1 comment:

  1. Courtney is awesome - and yours are great goals.

    Thanks so much for your insight on my post today - it's so nice to hear from someone who was injured enough to jack up training but who still managed to cross train and finish. I just want to finish!