Saturday, August 28, 2010


Twice in one day blogging away.    So, as I posted in my last blog I am really trying to figure out this supplement thing for long runs.   I talked to someone today at our local shoe store Gazelles  and she  recommended Cliff Shot Bloks, Energy Beans, Gu, etc... , she basically said it depends upon what you can stomach during your run.  She did say the big key is making sure that you are properly hydrated and especially on long runs, to start 'fueling' yourself early in the run.    Very true.   I did pick up a package of Gu, cliff shot bloks and sports beans ( I will slowly experiment with them)

But here is my thing-  why do I want to give my body and bunch of stuff that I don't understand ( hence the ingredients on the back of the package).  Are these supplements better for you than straight up food?  I would much rather fuel myself with the 'real' stuff than 'made up' stuff.  I found this interesting article. 
What do you think? 

Has anyone ever tried making there own energy bars?   I LOVE to cook and make healthy food.  


  1. I've tried a bunch of different stuff. I hear that there are several more natural fuels. I found chocolate number it (I can't find the link right now). Two ingredients and it is tasty! I am going to order some more. I have used GU, clif shot bloks, sports beans, chocolate, regular jelly beans, pretzels....I really like the chocolate number 9 fuel!

  2. I have not, but that is an awesome idea! I usually use GU or Sports Beans for my long run. You can also use jelly beans, hard candies, etc. The key is to get the sugar to your blood as quickly as possible. Let me know if you find a good recipe!