Monday, August 23, 2010

Start to a new week

Well, just finished up week 23 of marathon training-  32 miles worth.  That was the most that I have run in a long time.  It is pretty funny when you are joking that this is  'low' week at  29 miles,  with a 'long' run of 12 miles.   

I was pretty sore after last weeks 16 miler,  not sure if it was the humidity, not enough crabs the night before, not enough supplements during the run-  who knows.  Can only learn and continue on. 

Took my girls to get their hair cut today-  gearing up for school to start.  Still have 2 weeks of summer vacation left!!!! 

If you want the complete break down on my last week of training click here;  it should be updated soon. 

Enjoy your week;  will try to update more soon. 

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