Thursday, December 9, 2010

3 things Thursday

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So here is my really exciting 3 things Thursday-  but for this time of year and for the motivation that I have been lacking lately here you go. 

1)  Monday ran 3 miles
2) Wednesday ran 3 miles
3)  Thursday ran 3 miles

There is my 3 things-  I know that is pretty lame,  but that is all I have .  3 runs in one week is huge right now   ( how sad is that)  Can I tell you how good I feel this week with having got the exercise back in-  AWESOME!!   


  1. good for you! my treadmill is calling me right now:)

  2. the only 3 I have is 3K mileage for the whole week! That's more lame. LOL! ;p

  3. Looks like a great 3 things to me!

  4. good looking for me too! I have been so lazy this week~!

  5. Great 3 things, you could break it down more and make it 9 things (haha!) I enjoyed your supplement review, thanks for doing it.