Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

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Wow!!  What a wonderful week, and a wonderful Wednesday!!!  I have so much to say, sorry I may be rambling on.

1) First I want to give a great CONGRATULATIONS to my husbands Uncle John who just ran the Cal International Marathon in CA-  he PR'd beating lasts year time by 11 min.  Who Hooooo  way to go Uncle John!!!!

2)  I ran, I ran-  yes so far I have run twice this week!!   I know that isn't that exciting, but since I haven't  ran that much the last month, I am so excited that I have fit in 2 runs this week.  Two 3 mile runs-  nothing to crazy.  I was going to run farther today but then I decided , nope I want to stay injury free for this marathon ( that is only a mere 21 weeks away). Hope to get in at least 2 more runs before the week is over.   Do clothes make you feel motivated to run?  I put on my Chicago Marathon shirt from 10/10/10 and I instantly got a jolt of energy to run.    I want to thank my great friend B, who spoke great words of motivation to me yesterday.  Funny she called me to get motivation to get running again and she motivated me to go running.   Despite over a 1000 mile distance we are still motivating each other!! 

3) I think ( can I hope) that I have all my Christmas shopping done.  Man, I hope so.  Now it is just time to wrap wrap wrap. 

4) Snow, snow, snow.  It is just snowing away here.   Now comes lots of bonding time with me and the treadmill.  I know, I can go outside.  But I always have this crazy fear of falling on ice - really dont need a broken bone.  Plus with it getting light so late in the morning and dark so early in the evenings, I would just rather run indoors whenever I have the chance.  Don't get me wrong though, if we were to have an Indian Summer day ( which I doubt will happen) then I will head out doors. 

5)  Do you notice that when you eat healthy your body craves healthy food?  Ever since the marathon I havent' been eating super great.  I haven't been eating bad but just not super great ; with traveling and resting.  But this last week I have gotten everything back on track.  Weird, I can walk past the cookies and go straight for the salad.  Strange .  Every time I have a salad, I comment how much I love them ( which I would have never said in the past) .  Just had  post run snack of a banana with almond butter. 

6) Speaking of cookies-  oh my word.  We had a cookies swap at the MOPS meeting that I attend. We each made 20 bags of 3 cookies each and then brought them in to swap out.  So when all was said and done you would end up with about 5 dozen assorted cookies.  I did splurge and have a couple, they were to die for. So, instead of continuing the indulgence I packed the rest of them into the freezer to be taken out on Christmas weekend.    What a fun idea!!  Yummy!!!

7)  Don't forget to enter my Supplement giveaway!!!!  Also, if anyone has any healthy natural supplements that they use,  I would love to hear about / try them.     My family trys to get as "natural" as possible, so I have a hard time taking running supplements that have an ingredient list that is super long. 

Ok- I think that is enough wonderment for this Wednesday!!! 


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  1. you are so right, if I eat healthy or eat crappy that's exactly the type of food my body starts to crave!