Monday, December 27, 2010

Marathon Monday

As of today marathon training has offiicaly begun .   I am so excited!!   Excited but nervous.  Excited to have a plan in place but nervous as I know what is ahead.  This is Marathon number 3 for me-  hoping for much better results this time around ( no injury's and no 85 degree heat) . Kalamazoo Marathon,  May 8th!!!!!     3 quick miles in for today. 3 miles 28:22   It felt so nice to get on the treadmill - needed to run off some of the food that I have eaten in the last few days. Good thing Christmas is only one time a year,  because all that great delicious holiday food is way to tempting.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!  We had lots of fun in our house.   It has taken us almost 3 days to get every gift played with.  Lots and lots of family fun time. Looking forward to Happy New Year


  1. Good for you! How large do they think the kalamazoo marathon will be? Any idea? I am looking for a spring marathon!

  2. so exciting. i love starting a new training plan.