Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Two Tuesday

Yes- I am very excited to report that I have run 2 days in a row ; hence my Two Tuesday!!!  I feel committed having the schedule, knowing that I  "have to" get my runs in.    This week, with it still being Christmas vacation the kids are home from school.  All the kids being home make the running a little more difficult,  but with the advent of new Christmas toys I have managed to sneak in some time.   Today was a new box of Model Magic Presto Dots (a gift from my sister in law to my boys);  this kept my boys and my girls entertained long enough for my run.      I know I could get up early in the morning and run but since no one has to get up early I dont want to either. 

3 miles 28:02 .     Hope everyone is finding time to get there runs/ exercise in!!! 

Have a Terrific Tuesday!!!

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