Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Winner Wednesday and more

One of the winners never contacted me so the new winner of Chocolate #9 is
                                    please send me your address

Crazy weather going on here in MI.  It is mighty cold out.  The crazy part is that it isn't even officially winter yet-  I have a feeling this is going to be a long season.     High in the 20's today,  that is a heat wave compared to this past weekend.    The wind chills pushed us below 0.  We were visiting my parents this weekend,  which on a normal day is about a 3 hour drive.  Well, Sunday it took us almost 6 hours to make that drive.  Talk about being crazy.  We got veered off the freeway due to an accidnet , went to get on the freeway and a local policman said I wouldnt get back on because you will be veered off again due to a fatal accident 3 miles down. So we drove the back roads to get around all that.  We made our way back on the freeway to only be stopped by another accident.  This one, we should have been veered off the freeway for-  a semi truck was split into 3 pieces- with the cab of the truck in oncoming traffic.    After that crazy drive I was so happy that school was cancelled on Monday due to inclement weather.

As for the running-  last week I got 9 miles in.  That isnt super great but better than nothing.  Due to the sub zero weather here I am staying indoors.  Yesterday I ran 2 miles.  Since I was only planning on running 2 miles, I put the treadmill into rolling hill mode,  which gave me a nice workout.  Hopeing to get 3 miles in today-  we will have to see .

Trying to finish up all Christmas gifts,  food purchases, wrapping, etc... so that I can enjoy my kids Christmas vacation with them and not be stressed out.  I do not want to step foot into any store at all next week, as I know that they will be slammed packed.      Do you think I can do that?

Hope everyone has a Wonderful Wednesday!!!


  1. The weather is just dominating the news. Well, here in canada it is anyways. Luckily for us in the pacific northwest all we have to deal with is rain at the moment.

  2. Yay! So excited! Who doesn't LOVE chocolate?! yessssss!

    emailing you right now,
    thank you!!