Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Run and CSN review

Well so far this week, 1 run in.  I know it is Wednesday and only one run.  This week is crazy.  3 miles so far.  I am hoping to get in a few more runs this week, so that I dont feel so guilty indulging in on the Christmas treats.  Marathon training starts officially next week!!!!!!!

A few weeks ago I was given the great honor of a Promotional Gift Certificate to the CSN store for $40.    How awesome is that??  Purchase what ever I want and then just write a review about it.  This may sound like an easy feat but holy moly over at the CSN store there are so many things to chose from .  This was a very very hard decision;  buy something for myself, my kids, my husband,  someone else??   Well I decided, the house and the family.    I purchased 2 things:

InStyle Geo Shower Curtain in Brown - S-4009 BRWN

This is 100% cotton so it can be machines washed.    I was so excited to pick this out.  We have had the same decorative shower curtian in our bathroom for the last 10 years,  so it was time for a change.  I  love it!!!  Went from a blue bathroom to a brown acented bathroom.  I changed everything while the kids were in school / husband was at work .  When they all came home they were said  "Wow, that looks great"

Milton Bradley Classic Scrabble Game - 4024S5

This I picked out because, ironically we own alot of games but not this one.  This game is being given to all the kids for Christmas-  what a great way for them to learn their letters and practice spelling words.  I foresee lots and lots of family fun time.

The shipping was very timely.  The items did arrive separately but that was no problem;  very fast shipping.   There is only a one negative issue-

Free Shipping  

On Just About Everything!

I found this statement to very untrue.  Unless I just was an exception to the rule.  I must of looked at about 20 or more different items before I made my decision on what to purchase. Every single item that I looked at did not offer free shipping.   With being given a gift certificate I wanted to get the most bang for my buck, After a while I just gave up the search of trying to find something with free shipping and picked out the 2 items that I did.  I had to pay shipping on both of those items. 

 Overall though,  I am very happy with my purchase and would consider shopping at the CSN store again in the future.  Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity.


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