Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Supplement Review and Triple Giveaway

Supplement Review-

As you add high mileage runs to your training schedule you need to learn how to fuel yourself.   While training for the Chicago Marathon I experimented with this.  Most of the experimentation was due to the fact that some of the fueling supplements made my sick, caused headaches or just did not seem to work.    Some I bought for myself, and some were samples sent to me to try out.  Instead of having 5 different reviews I thought I would compare them side-by-side. 

  • Gu Energy Gel/ Chomps
  • Sport Beans
  • Clif Bloks
  • Chocolate #9
  • Peter Rabbits Organic Fruit Pouches


Gu energy gels come in about 10 flavors.  They are very convenient to carry, usually can fit in the pockets that are on all the running gear.      I have tried a few of the different flavors but unfortunately I just cannot stomach the gels.   I personally like the convenience of the chomps better.  Gu Chomps come in 5 different flavors; I can put one in my mouth and just continue running, unlike the gels where I have to stop.       I am not sure what it is in the product but every time I have tried the chomps, I get really bad headaches.  With that being said the only chomps that I have tried are ones that have caffeine in them.  Could that be the culprit for the headaches, I don’t know or is it something in the chomps themselves.  Chomps $2.20/ package   Gel $1.35/ gel pack


I love the convenience of this product.  You can grab one, you can grab a handful and just go.   I used sports beans a lot on many of my long runs.   Sports Beans come in 6 different flavors and a mixed bag.  The main issue I have with this supplement is it really wrecks me after I am done running.  It is crazy, during the run it supplements me awesome and then as soon as I stop running my body starts revolting, resulting in bathroom issues later.   $1.00/ package


These are very similar to the Gu Chomps but just made by a different company.  Not exactly sure what is different between the 2 companies but this one settles a lot better with me, no issues at all.  Cliff Shots are available in 9 different flavors.    $1.98/ package


 This company was so nice to send me an entire box to try out.  Per a recommendation of a fellow blogger ,  I was turned to Chocolate #9.  I was (and still am) on the hunt for natural supplements for endurance running.  Chocolate #9 only has 2 ingredients. Yes, only 2 ingredients- organic agaves and cocoa.  Chocolate #9 comes in a gel format very similar to that of GU.  This product is great, if and only if you are a chocolate lover.  Personally, for myself I was so excited that this product had natural ingredients but since the chocolate flavor is so strong I could only stomach it on indoor runs or those that were cooler outside.  If I ran outdoors on a very warm day, when it came time to fuel up I felt like I was sucking down brownie batter.  Which some of you many thoroughly enjoy ( as I do when I am baking) but not so much when I am in the middle of a long distance run.    Gel pack  $1.34 / piece


 This company was so nice to send my 3 different pouches (one of each flavor) to try out.  Wow, these are amazing.  There come in 3 flavors.   Straight up 100% fruit, the consistently reminds me a lot of really pureed up baby food (applesauce consistency) .  I really really liked this product.  I used it on a lot of my tread mill runs.  Unfortunately due to the size of the product I didn’t take it on any long runs.  Really that would be my only problem with this product, size.  I believe to become very marketable in the running (endurance sports) the size of the product would have to get smaller.    Pouches $1.99/ piece. 

Overall, I think fuel supplements are a personal preference.  As for myself, I am on the hunt for “natural fuel supplements” to help during my long runs.     All these products are fairly similar in price comparison.  If I only had these supplement to choose from this is how I would rank them
1)      Cliff Bloks
2)      Sports Beans
3)      Peter Rabbit Organic Fruit Pouches ( only due to the size)
4)      Chocolate #9
5)      Gu gel / chomps

As always, my reviews are based on my own observations.  My objective is value.   I may not always choose the best product due to price, but I am not looking for the cheapest product either.  I am not being compensated for my reviews and my allegiance is to you the reader not suppliers or manufactures.  If you have questions and/or comments I am always happy to hear from you.


Here is the fun part, a TRIPLE Giveaway!!! Yes, there will be 3 winners
 1)      Peter Rabbit Organics has so graciously offered to giveaway an assorted 10 pack of their fruit pouches.   (Open to U.S. Residents only)
        2) Chocolate #9, I was given such a large supply that I am graciously giving away 7 pouches
       3)GU products.  I have a supply that I would like to share.   A Tri Berry Gel, A Strawberry Banana Gel   and a Orange Gu Chomp

In order to enter the contest you must, in separate entries, do one or more of the following.  Each entry will equal one chance of winning.  Up to 8 chances per person.  This giveaway will end on Sunday Dec 12th at 8pm Eastern Time

1)      Become a follower of my page
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