Friday, December 17, 2010

Few things Friday

First off -  I ran 4 four miles today.  Nothing super fancy, not super long but I ran 4 miles.    With that run it gave me a total of 9 miles this week ( 2, 3, 4).    Also, I have ran 9 miles that last 2 weeks in a row , with each week getting 3 runs.  So I am sloooowly getting back on track.    Official training starts back up in just 2 weeks!!!! 

Do you think it is easier to run outside in the winter or the summer?  There is this man that I have seen out running off and on since the very beginning of the shcool year.  I asked him if he is training for a race and he said "No, I am just running".  Yesterday while at the bus stop he came walking by ( not running I assume since the road was a slick ice rink)  I told him " I give you kuddos for being out here running!!"  He said  "I think this is alot harder than running in the summer heat."  I would agree-  that is why we bought a treadmill. So what do you think,  winter or summer ???

Today  of my kids start their Christmas vacation-  they are off for a while!!!  Oh man,  I don't have nearly everything done that I wanted to have done.    I am doing one more last trip out sometime this weekend- last minutes gifts and food for all next week including Christmas.  I do not want to step foot in a store at all next week!!!

Have a Fabulous Friday!!!!! 


  1. For me, it's easier to run during the winter compared to the summer. as long as it's not snowing in our area. I live in CA so that's not a prob =)

  2. I like the cold of the winter - given daylight, cold weather is what I'd pick. I just have a really really hard time getting motivated in all this darkness. So it's a toss up...

  3. Well I have only started to run this past July, but I would say winter BY FAR! In the summer, I can get up early enough to beat the heat/humidity (which can be fierce here in Nebraska), but in the winter, I can go around with my hair dryer melting the ice =)